Indian Myna

Please let us know if you see Common or Indian Mynas in our local area by contacting email: or telephone: 0437 501 441.

Six Indian Mynas have been seen in Roberts Creek Road, near to Apex Hill in Bright. This is a major threat to our local birdlife and they must be stopped.

These birds are native to India and southern Asia. They were first brought into Australia from Asia in 1862 to control caterpillars and other insects in market gardens around Melbourne.

Mynas are listed among 100 of the world’s worst invasive species by the World Conservation Union in 2000. In Australia, Indian Mynas are considered to threaten native biodiversity due to their territorial behaviours and nest cavity competition.

So far we have avoided these pests but they are commonly seen in Wangaratta, in parts of the King Valley and in the Ovens Valley in Myrtleford and as far south as Ovens and Rosewhite.