This project has taken the UOVLG out of the normal weed control and habitat restoration work that we do and focused on community education.

Feral deer are emerging as a major issue for landowners and the natural environment around here and we wanted to help people understand the problem and offer some help with solutions.

The community were invited to a Living with Deer forum followed by a field day to learn more about feral deer and ways to manage their impacts on the natural environment, farms and gardens.

Farmers, property owners and deer control experts discussed damage from feral deer, and controls such as using property planning, professional pest controllers, volunteer hunters, deterrents and disruptive activity along with physical asset protection such as fencing and guards.

A great forum was run in Bright with lots of expert speakers and around 50 participants. This was followed up by a field day in the Buckland Valley with farm visits on 26 November 2022.

The link below opens an online kit, developed by UOVLG, to assist landowners with deciding the best options for reducing the impact of feral deer. 


Funded from Victorian Landcare Grants through the North East Catchment Management Authority.  The field day was supported by TAFCO Rural Supplies.

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