Germantown Streamside Reserve

The Germantown Streamside Reserve follows the Ovens River downstream from Germantown Bridge to Freeburgh Bridge. It is situated on Crown Land, managed by Parks Victoria.

In 2012, the Friends of Germantown Streamside Reserve, a subgroup of the Upper Ovens Valley Landcare Group, was formed. The initial commitment was to restore a track between the Germantown Bridge end of the Reserve through and the old ford track. The track was further extended through to the Snowy Creek Picnic Ground. Over the last decade, in addition to the track restoration works, significant woody weed reduction and removal has been undertaken with the support and assistance from the Landmates team at Beechworth Correctional Facility. The Friends group has also installed bench seats and tables, safety barriers, and direction signs. The Friends Group was disbanded several years ago.

Further reading: River Rehabilitation Works 2013 Ovens River: Germantown Reach (A 4km reach commencing at Germantown Bridge downstream to the footbridge on the Cherry Walk).


The UOVLG is grateful for support from the Alpine Shire Council, Beechworth Correctional Facility, Parks Victoria, North East Catchment Management Authority, and the Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries.


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