Three years back we planted out 12 test plots near German Creek with different plant protection methods to experiment with getting the most efficient and effective way of protecting young plants from deer and other browsing. 

This included no protection, small 600mm guards, cheap netting enclosures and 2 types of 1.8 metre high deer exclusion fencing. (At that time we didn’t have access to high corflute guards but since then we have used them extensively).  We found that all methods failed miserably with few if any surviving apart from the highwire deer proof enclosures, which are expensive and not worthy of the investment. The exclusion fencing also had extensive weed growth within that stifled new plants. 

The outcome in that we believe the tall individual guards either wire or corflute are the most efficient and effective approach for broad scale plantings.


Funded by the National Landcare Program.

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