Over recent years, the banks of the Upper Ovens River, from Tawonga Gap Road to the township of Bright, have seen the proliferation of blackberries and other invasive species. The native canopy along various sections of the River is becoming degraded, allowing for further weed infestation.

During Winter-Spring 2022, weed control was undertaken at various locations on both sides of the River, between German Creek and the Bright township.  Local Landcare Members planted 400 endemic trees and shrubs along the eastern bank of the Ovens River, near German Creek.

The Group will monitor and maintain the revegetation site. Ongoing weed control is required.

Revegetation work being undertaken in September-October 2022 over ground that was previously infested with blackberries.


In October 2021, this project received support from the Federal Government’s Murray–Darling Healthy Rivers Program.