In May 2021, on a field trip to the Upper Buckland valley, UOVLG members collected seed from the rare and threatened Omeo Gum (Eucalyptus neglecta).  Around 1000 seedlings were successfully propagated and planted into nine small pens in the Upper Buckland valley. The pens are constructed to stop deer and cattle browsing the seedlings.

The Group regularly checks on the progress of the trees and removes invasive weeds, such as Blackberry and Hawthorn. The photo below, taken on a field trip in April 2024, shows one of the pens. Members are thrilled to see the trees are thriving and, fingers crossed, the pens will continue to protect the seedlings as they mature.

Thanks to the Alpine Nursery for propagating the seedlings, and to the National Bushfire Recovery Program and Zoos Victoria for funding.

Omeo Gum Seedlings, Upper Buckland valley, April 2024